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Solo Female Traveller: Solitary Ayahuasca Voyage

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Embark on a daring journey of self-discovery as I delve into the realms of Ayahuasca, a potent psychedelic, that I purchased online in Peru and took alone in the comfort of a friend’s apartment. This immersive experience navigates uncharted territories of my mind, confronting fears, unlocking hidden truths, and embracing a profound transformation. Join me on a riveting exploration where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, offering insights into the mysteries of existence.

Solo Female Traveller: What I Learnt from Hitchhiking in 70 Countries

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There are some who say that the world is a dangerous place, a place where a lone traveler, especially a woman, should fear to tread. But for Michaela, fear is not a concept she is familiar with. She has hitchhiked her way through more than seventy countries, encountering kindness, beauty, and adventure at every turn. Her story is one of courage, of daring, and of the triumph of the human spirit over the fear and uncertainty that can so often hold us back. She has seen the world in all its glory and all its ugliness, and has come out the other side wiser, stronger, and more determined than ever. Through her eyes, we see the world as it truly is: a place of wonder and possibility, where the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Her journey is a reminder that we all have the strength within us to overcome even the greatest obstacles. So come, join her on a journey of adventure, and of self-discovery. Perceive everything through the eyes of a true explorer, a woman who has seen the world and wants to share the tale.

Language: English

Number of pages: 324

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Solo Female Traveller: One Year in Japan

Solo Female Traveler hitchhiking One year in japan
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The book Solo Female Traveller: One Year in Japan talks about adventures, travels and student life of a Czech traveller in the land of the rising sun. She spent there one year, and, among others, hiked the highest mountain Mt. Fuji in a typhoon, hitchhiked to the northernmost point of Japan (in the freezing island of Hokkaido) and surfed in the tropical paradise of Okinawa. She was also learning Japanese and found a job for a few months. The book describes various culture differences and challenges she faced while arriving in Japan without knowing even a word in Japanese and being the only non-Asian student on the campus in a small town where not many people spoke English.

Languages: English | Español| Deutsch| Česky

Number of pages: 67

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